Candied Ginger

Green Apple Sorbet with Candied Ginger

One of the really great things about having a food blog- besides the fact that i get to cook and eat a whole lot of interesting food in the name of 'research'- is the people that i've met along the way and the friendships forged. Sure, a few wierdos come along every now and then who  make me believe that the block/delete button is my best friend, but for the most part, I read the emails and comments with a big smile on my face. One of the people I have met as a result of having this space on the internet is Sheena from If you're not yet familiar with her blog, you're in for a treat- you know how sometimes you look through a site and feel like you slipped down a rabbit hole into a whole other world of interestingness that you can't believe took you so long to find? That's how thisissheena makes me feel. When she asked me if mum and I would be interested in doing a feature for her, it took a lot of soul searching (all of half a second) but we said yes! Head over here to have a look at what we chatted about, and find a recipe for a really great way to beat the summer heat- with a green apple and candied ginger sorbet in hand.