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It's been four months since I moved into my new place in Bangalore, and I have to say, this city suits me. My pants no longer fit, the chlorine in the water is making all my hair fall out, but it feels a little like home. Like home away from home, at the very least. I've even picked up a few words that I now throw around with confidence like a local - namaskara, solpa munde, illi nilsi, and enjoy maadi. 

The final frontier of settling in however, I think, is throwing a dinner party, which I did two weekends ago. It was a potluck, and I made my mother's roast chicken, and had everyone sit on the floor, because my house still has no furniture besides one chair and a study table. I stressed about it a lot, but everyone was a good sport and sat cross legged a la Yogi Berra, ate out of paper plates and didn't even set anything on fire with the candles i'd strewn around the floor. If that's not a sign of good friendship, I don't know what is. I strung fairy lights, and bought a bunch of fresh flowers that were supposed to be sunflowers, but turned out to be some other flower that I now cannot remember the name of. We had sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes with the roast, and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert. We listened to Sunday Morning Love You and Toothbrush and it was perfect. 

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It took me a really long time to figure out what I want to do in life or how to do it even, but I've always known that I want to be a person who throws dinner parties and sends people home with leftovers. I did not send people home with leftovers -- I love roast chicken way too much -- but there's always next time heh?

Now for some housekeeping: I know some of you have been wondering whether we're retiring The Malabar Tea Room. We're not. It is my happy place and I know mum feels the same way. It's been eerily quiet around here only because I have a project that I've been devoting all my time and energy to. It's called the Goya Journal, and I've been waiting for the right opportunity to introduce it to you. My partner, Anisha and I have been working on it for three months now, and we've been having a blast collaborating with some really great writers, illustrators and even a videographer. I'd love for you to check it out, and share any feedback that you may have. And as soon as we get settled into our new roles, it will be be business as usual around here, but until then, nasmaskara and enjoy maadi.