Pav Bhaaji


This year has so far, been a series of pleasant surprises. Take for example a couple of nights ago, when I had my first taste of pumpkin soup and saw stars. Who knew something so bland could be boiled, pureed and mixed with a little milk, transforming it into something so rich and velvety? I know pumpkins have a couple of tricks up their sleeves (pumpkin latte and pumpkin spice cake anyone?) but soup is now my new favourite pumpkin manifestation (yes, even taking Cinderella’s crystal coach into consideration).

In other, slightly underwhelming news, we now have an old-fashioned kettle to boil water in. I’m not sure if it’s a generational thing or just me having lived under a rock, but did you know that kettles whistle?! It sounds a lot like a high-pitched version of the steady hum Sushi the cat makes when he has a chest cold, but it’s still the quaintest, most endearing sound I ever did hear. And now, every time I make tea it feels like I’m living in an Enid Blyton book.


The recipe I’m about to share with you does not involve pumpkins or tea-time treats, but rings in just as high on the comfort-food scale. Pav Bhaaji is really an excuse to consume copious amounts of butter, but maybe the vegetables you consume in the form of bhaji balance it out? Head over to Food52 for the recipe.